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Used Machinery


Self-adhesive labeller

Ref. 7003

Technical details

Width 3 mts 
Height 1,65 mts 
Length 1,4mts 
Brand Teycomur Maquinaria 
Made up of Stainless steel


Linear Labeling machine for the application of wrap-around labels and front-back labels, for cylindrical, flat or elliptical containers. 

This machine guarantees an ideal application of the label on the product. It possesses, in its standard configuration, a labeling head for wrap-around or flat labels. 
The system is commanded by a Schneider automaton with a tactile screen, by means of which, as a whole, the label discharge, speed, lack of label parameters are modified which grants versatility on the diverse formats that can be labeled by this machine.
A series of accessories, depending on the product and characteristics of the container can be added to the labeler. They are the following :
- Batch coder, for printing information such as expiry date, production date or lot number.

- Container rotator, for the labeling of cylindrical containers.

-Accumulation rotary table for in feed or discharge of containers.


This labeling machine is very versatile.  It can work with both small and big formats of containers.


Technical features:

Production capacity: 3.000 containers/hour, depending on the dimensions of the container and the size of the label. When there is a container rotator on the machine, the production capacity is lower.

Diameter of the label reel: max. Ø250mm.

Power supply: 220 V.

Pneumatic supply: 40 NL/min at 4 bar.

Production capacity: 3000 containers per hour depending on the dimensions of the container and the length of the label.

****If the machine has a container rotator, the production capacity will be lower.


Dimensions of the machine:


Width:1000 mm

Work Height: 950 mm.


Dimensions of the labels:

-Height: max 180 mm; min 15 mm

-Length: max 350 mm; min 15 mm