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FAM FV-2D Cutter

Ref. 5914D

Technical details

Width 787 mm 
Height 1634 mm 
Length 1314 mm 
Weight 280 Kg 
Brand FAM 
Model FV-2D 
Manufacture year 2002 
Power (hp) 2,2 kW (3 hp) 
Made up of Stainless steel AISI 304
Production capacity Up tp 5000 Kg/Hour


Fresh Vegetable Slicer
This versatile machine uniformly slices, strip-cuts and shreds a wide variety of food products. It features interchangeable cutting heads, enabling the processor to change the type of cut in just minutes. 

Specially designed throw-away knives do not require sharpening and are inexpensive to replace. Special attention has been paid to a very sanitary design. Cleaning has become very easy. Product path is completely separated from the drive parts. Infeed hopper and cutting head cover are hingeable.


The product is fed through a vertical in-feed chute. The rotating central product drum pushes the product in one single circle through 8 fixed cutting compartments that perform each a single or double cut. The cut product is collected through the central discharge.

Different types of cutting heads offer lots of cutting possibilities like flat, crinkle cut and V-shaped slices as well as V-shaped, oval, julienne and wide ribbon-cut strips.

Cut shapes:

V-cut slices, julienne strips, oval cut strips, reduced oval cut strips, V-cut strips, flat cut slices, crinkle cut slices

Cut sizes:

Various cut sizes possible from 0.8 mm up to 9.5 mm, slice thickness adjustable up to 7 mm

Max. product diameter:90 mm