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Used Machinery


Roast Pepper Line

Ref. 7012

Technical details

Manufacture year new machinery to be built upon order.  
Production capacity 1000 Kgs/hour


Roast pepper oven with gas burners.

Completely built in st/ steel.

 build up by:

Roast pepper oven with gas burners

Supplying elevator at brushing machine

Pepper brushing machine

 the prickle belt has a cooling system that keeps the prickle cool to avoid pepper deformation when roasting.

 the vault is built with fireproof brick which is covered by an insulating layer to avoid heat  exit. This vault supports temperatures over 1100ºc (2012º f). There are two air turbines in the enter and exit of the vault which form an air curtain that prevents the lack of temperature.

 suplying elevator at brushing machine completely built with st/ steel composed by two parts  at different heights to achieve the pepper turn over and total cleaning. The brushing machine has both an inferior and superior road with brushers with height regulator in the superior road to exert the exact pressure and friction depending on the pepper.

Electrical consumption

Pepper oven consumption- 5.5 kw

Elevator infeed to brusher consumption:   0.75 kw

Washer/brusher consumption: 3 kw

 total line consumption- : 11 kw

 gas consumption:

 2 – 3 kg of gas per hour per burner

 total gas consumption: 8 – 12 kg per hour.