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Teycomur Food Industry Machinery

Flavour is at the heart of any great food company success. We simply provide the heartbeat.

Teycomur Maquinaria is a company dedicated to buying and selling, designing, producing and distributing food industry machinery. We have spent more than 30 years pursuing the same simple goal: to become an industry leader in our field, both nationally and internationally.

To do this we have relied upon our never-ending quest for excellence, our energetic and adaptable team, our willingness to take on new challenges and, above all, our unwavering dedication to serving our customers. All of this allows us to bring you the latest technology and offer effective, efficient and economical solutions you can trust. If you want to ask us any questions about food industry machinery, you can contact us or call us at (+34) 968 68 78 27.


  • Sales of used food processing machinery in Europe
  • Sales of new machinery.
  • Technical assistance and post-sales service, assembly, installation, start-up and removal of equipment.