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Automatic Peach Repitter ABL SC

Ref. 8025

Technical details

Width 1500 mm 
Height 1750 mm 
Length 1500 mm 
Weight 650 Kg 
Brand ABL  
Model RPT160 
Manufacture year 2000 
Power (hp) 1.5 kw. 
Air consumption 100 nl/min at 4-5 Bares
Made up of Stainless steel
Production capacity 160 halves/minute


Repitter is the solution proposed with success by ABL for the process of peaches to be repitted again after the torque pitting.

It is a repitting device able to remove the stone with the least quantity of pulp.
Its results are similar to what it is normally achieved with the torsion putting method.
Stainless steel structure, aluminum, and other components.

The new design of the repitter head, that operates through a spoon system allows processing both the peeled as well as unpeeled peaches.