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Robot Coupe CL60 Vegetable Cutter

Ref. 6388

Technical details

Width 398 mm 
Height 1143 mm 
Length 600 mm  
Weight 43 Kg 
Brand Robot Coupe  
Model CL60 
Volts (v) 400 
Frequency (hz) 50 
Power (hp) 1500 W 
Production capacity 900 kgs/hour


Used Robot Coupe CL60 Vegetable Cutter for all types of cuts such as: 

slicing, grating, julienne, dicing and making French Fries

 • Large hopper feed head for large vegetable processing and an automatic feed head for continuous feeding.
 • Powerful motor which guarantees large outputs 
- Wide range of cut:
 Simple and robust design:
• Mainly stainless steel for easy cleaning and a longer life. 
• Parts in food contact are easy to dismantle and clean.
Tube diameter; 5.8 mm