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Used Machinery


Cooking Module

Ref. 5926


Complete cooking module for the preparation of sauces. The cooking is done by steam. Includes a 500 Lt deposit. (Pierre Guerin). In this case, the sauces are not fried in oil but are made by a closed heat exchange system which is less aggressive and translating into fewer calories.


-300 Lt. Mixing tank for adjusting the proportion product/oil brand: Pierre Guerin. 

-Ancora shaker  1,7 Kw

-Heating zone

-Aroma condensate pickup deposit

This equipment also includes 2 identical UNICUS  Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers.

The Unicus is a scraped surface heat exchanger for high fouling and viscous fluid applications.

 Length: 6 Mts.


-In contact with the product: Stainless steel AISI 316.

- Rest of Material: Stainless steel AISI 304.   

-Approximately every 400 mm there is a group of 3 scraping pieces made in of sanitary thermo-plastic material (PTFE). These scraping pieces have a double function: Scraping of the pipe surface and stirring of the product.  These bars have an alternative linear movement, making a complete cycle every 4 seconds. The linear movement is made by a double effect hydraulic piston which is activated by a hydraulic pump (1,5 kW).

Heating medium: counter-flow steam.

The pipes through which the product circulates are polished on the inside with an average roughness of 0,4 µin.

All the materials in contact with the product are approved by the F.D.A (Food and Drug Administration).