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Used Machinery


X-ray detector Varpe

Ref. 5814

Technical details

Brand Varpe  
Model Retinamatic 2000 
Manufacture year 2008 


 The RETINAMATIC 2000 types of equipment are used for the detection in real time of foreign contaminants as stones, metals, glasses, plastic, etc. In already stiff products or bulk productions with judging sensibilities that can come to 0.5mm (diameter of the sphere) depending on the characteristics of the product (density of the same one).

The area of industrial application is indicated for the sectors of food: conserve, pre-cooking, frozen, 4th range, etc.), pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergents, aerosols, etc...

This equipment allows the inspection of different formats of product presentations: groups inside boxes, bags, and metallized trays, carton, etc., covering a great variety of widths and heights of product configurable.