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CPU for Biodiesel Processing

Ref. 5841

Technical details

Brand Biodiesel Technologies 
Model CPU 1.000 
Manufacture year 2002 
Production capacity 1000 llts/hour


The modular compact units are working with dry wash system and produce biodiesel with EN 14214 and also ASTM D6751 standards. It is a modular system, the expansion can be easily completed by adding one container after the other.

 The biodiesel processing untis are fixed in a 20ft ISO container frame to save place and secure easy transport. The processors are working in continuous mode in a closed loop system. These units represent real multifeedstock processing characteristics. This means that any vegetable oil and animal fat can be used one after the other, without stopping the production.

CPU 1000 (Compact Production Unit) is a complete methyl ester production technology, ready for start-up after connection to the external tanks such as settling tanks, dry-wash towers, tanks for methanol, oil, methyl ester and G-phase, compressed air, external ventilation lines and electric power. The CPU features a continuous process system containing electronic proportioning systems, static mixers, propeller mixers-reactors, settling (buffer) tanks, vacuum distillation for removal and recycling of excess methanol. The purification of the methyl ester is carried out by an adsorbent combined with ion exchange resin beds.







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