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Roller Drum Dryer

Ref. 5171

Technical details

Width 1500 mm 
Height 2400 mm 
Length 4500 mm 
Weight 6500 Kg Aprox.  
Brand Teycomur 
Model BC-400 
Manufacture year 2015 
Volts (v) 380 V 
Power (hp) 10.5 kW 
Vapour consumption 850 Kg/Hour


The roller drum dryer is designed to be used exclusively for the drying of potato mash and other paste like products for flakes in food, chemical and biotechnological industries.

Roller drying is the process of transforming a solution or paste like material from a liquid into dried flakes form by laying out the infeed material on a rotated heated drum. The resulting dried flakes are scraped from the drum by a knife.

The machine is made up of the following elements: 



-Rollers-4 pcs 

-Electrical Cabinet


-Screw conveyor for dry flakes

-In-feed tank for moist product 

-Spreading screw conveyor


-Tray for moist product 

-Service platform

-Mechanical seal

-Temperature sensor



The paste like product is infed by means of the pump into the infeed tank, 

Moist product is spread by means of a screw conveyor upon the surface of the rotating drum. 

The drum is heated inside with steam. 

Input of the steam and condensate output is realized by the shaft mounted along the drum axis. 

The height of the product layer is regultated between 10-15 mm by means of a Teflon plate mounted to the screw conveyor.

 Due to the intensive evaporation of water from the wet product, the thickness of product layer decreases continuosly. 

The thickness was adjusted by regulating the distance between the rollers and the drum. 

The thickness of the layer between the last roller and the drum is approximately 0,5-2 mm.

 At the end of the drying process, the product takes the form of a thin, easily cut sheet which is separated from the rotating drum by means of a plate knife. 

Separated product is collected along the drum by a screw conveyor, it is then cut into small sized flakes and is finally handled for packaging and wrapping.