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2 Stage washer with dryer

Ref. 5720

Technical details

Brand Teycomur Maquinaria  


Double stage Washer with a dryer for washing tins and closed jars proceeding from the seamer.
1st stage. - Washing with hot water with temperature and pressure controlled by means of a motor-pump and re-circulated water tank with separation of water and oil by means of a containment partition.
2nd Stage. - Similar to the 1st  stage but it is possible to add detergent, polisher etc.
At the end of 2 ª stage, there is a  zone of emulsified water (from the washing) sweeping by means water-steam mixer.


- 2 motor-pumps.

-Easy to clean and dismantle Filters in the pump drive.

-Dismountable Flat jet type sprinklers with possibility of orientation in every washing zone.

-Stainless steel AISI 304 steam coils to warm washing water, in pipe without weld SCH-10.

-Two independent re-circulated water tanks with magnetic levels, drainage,
- Filter, overflow and float traps

-0.75 H.P. Motorreducer with shifter

Fully built in AISI 304 polished stainless steel.

1. Drying zone by means of a high-pressure turbine.

With adjustable air knives in the interior.

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