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Autoclaves/Sterilizer/ Retorts

Autoclaves/Sterilizer/ Retorts

Autoclaves/Sterilizer/ Retorts definition:

Autoclaves/Sterilizer/Retorts  are pressure vessels used to process products which require an elevated exposure to pressure and temperature. 

Teycomur Maquinaria supplies used Autoclaves/Sterilizer/ Retorts and other preowned food processing and packaging equipment. We have a large inventory of used/preowned Autoclaves/Sterilizer/ Retorts of various brands such as Ferlo, Barriquand, Lagarde, Maconse and many others.

Please check our stock above for horizontal autoclaves, vertical stirred autoclaves, single door autoclaves, double door autoclaves, and steam sterilizer autoclaves in several models and styles.

 If you can’t find the refurbished Autoclaves/Sterilizer/Retorts you are searching for, please contact us. Teycomur has 40 years’ experience in sales and repair of Autoclaves/Sterilizer/Retorts s and we will be happy to help you.