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Used Machinery


Vegetable Peeler La Parmentiere E-100

Ref. 6386D

Technical details

Brand La Parmentiere 
Model 100 E 
Power (hp) 4 Kw 
Made up of Stainless steel
Production capacity 900 Kgs/hour


Used vegetable peeler. 

This machine is designed for use by market gardeners, fruit and vegetable wholesalers, and canners, local authorities, etc. It peels potatoes, carrots, celeriac, turnips, onions (and frozen tomatoes). 

This used vegetable peeler provides especially careful peeling, the main features of which are: 
•attractive appearance of the peeled produce, 
•the produce retains its original shape due to the hemispherical shape of the bowl, producing regular, producing even movement, 
•waste reduced to a minimum, 
•optimum hourly output
-Potatoes, carrots, turnips:400-1200 Kgs/hour
-Celery: 500-750 Kgs/hour
-Onions: 700 Kgs/hour

The wide output range given above takes into account, particularly for potatoes,
 1- Their size,
 2- The length of time they have been in storage. 
For new potatoes, the yield is two to three times less than for large potatoes, due to the fact that:
 -The machine can only take a reduced load,
 -The area to be peeled is greater for the same weight of the product. For onions peelers, the abrasive must be finer, while for celeriac it must be coarser. 

Particularly efficient abrasive disc.
 Machine made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel. 
•Sealed ball bearings. 
•Stainless steel screws, etc.. 
•Door may be set to one of four positions.

CAPACITY (in kg):
-Potatoes, Carrots, Turnips, Celery:: 80-100
"New potatoes, Onions: 50-60 Kgs

Water flow(L/H):2000