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Urschel GK Dicer

Ref. 5690D

Technical details

Width 1167 mm 
Height 1251 mm 
Length 1873 mm 
Weight  349 kg 
Brand Urschel  
Model GK 
Power (hp) 1,5 kW (2 HP) 


The Dicer Model GK  produces crinkle slices, three-dimensional cuts having four crinkle surfaces, and plain cuts from a variety of fruits and vegetables. This machine is especially suited for the production of crinkle french fry strips from potatoes. Maximum infeed product entering either machine should not exceed 5-1/2" (140 mm) in any dimension. A wide selection of interchangeable cutting parts enables the user to obtain gentle, clean cutting through a wide range of sizes at high production capacities. Features continuous operation for uninterrupted production and simplified design for easy cleanup and maintenance. 


The product is delivered to a feed hopper, then enters a rotating impeller. Centrifugal force holds the product against the inside of the slice case as the impeller paddles carry the product past the slicing knife. An adjustable case gate at the top of the case allows the product to move outward across the edge of the slicing knife. The distance between the end of the case gate and the slicing knife edge determines the slice thickness.

 As the slices emerge, crosscut knives move downward producing strips. Strips move without interruption across the top surface of the slicing knife holder into the circular knives where they are cut into cubes or other three-dimensional cuts of a selected size. 


SLICES: 1/8 to 3/4" (3.2 to 19.1 mm)

 DICES: A slicing knife, crosscut knife spindle, and circular knife spindle are used for dicing. Changing the size of the cubes is done by using the required cutting spindles and adjusting the slice thickness. Slice thickness: 1/8 to 3/4" (3.2 to 19.1 mm) Crosscut knives: 9/32 to 7/8" (7.1 to 22.2 mm) Circular knives: 1/8 to 3" (3.2 to 76 mm) 

STRIP CUTS: To make strip cuts, only the slicing knife and the crosscut knife spindle are used to make two-dimensional cuts. 

JULIENNE STRIPS: Julienne strips are also available. Contact your local Urschel sales representative for more information on the set-up for your application.