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FAM STD-3D Dicer

Ref. 5190

Technical details

Brand FAM 
Model STD-3D 
Manufacture year 1999 
Volts (v) 220 Volt3 ph 
Frequency (hz) 50 Hz 
Power (hp) 1.5 Kw 
Format 7x7x7 mm
Made up of Stainless steel
Production capacity 500-3000 Kg/hour aprox. depending on the product


The FAM dicer model STD-3D is a 3 dimensional cutting machine which allows dicing, strip cutting and dicing of products with a maximum diameter of 135mm. 

This machine is suitable for homogene, fiberless and non-sticking products, Frozen cheeze cannot be handled by this machine. 
This machine is the simplest machine in the range requiring minimum skills to achieve optimum results. 

Operating principle: 
The product is dropped into a hopper and conducted to the slicing case assembly in which impellers push the product by centrifugal force without product positioning, through an adjustable slicing gate opening, positioned at 270 degrees. The slicing knife is mounted on a slicing knife holder. 
For brittle products and can break into pieces easily sych as onions, carrots, or cabbage, there are slicing gate extensions available to guide the product better towards the circular knives spindle.
Afterwards, the product is pushed through circular knives with the required shearplates if the machine is equipped for strio cutting. 
In case the machine is equipped for dicing, the  product will be cut further by cross cut knives mounted on a rotating body.