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Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinery

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Packaging Machinery definition:

Packaging machinery can be defined as: "the machines destined to enclosing the packages which contain a product into packs for distribution, storage, sale, and use".

So these machines group primary packages together. For example, this could be a tray and shrink film.   Secondary packaging is mainly used as a means of transporting the primary packs or product from producer to retailer. This is usually removed and recycled once the pack has reached its destination. Secondary packaging can also be retained to enable the product to be purchased in bulk.

Packaging machines can be of the following general types:

-Tray forming machines: From a store of carton trays, they slide one to one up to a position of the formation. In this process, hot glue is applied (hot melt) in the closing lapels of the tray. Then, a mold descends to form the tray in three of its faces. In the following phase, the grouped packages are pushed on the tray that is finally closed. The tray forming machines are usually combined shrink-wrappers and ovens in which the film is adjusted on the product.

-Cartoners: Introduce the products that have been previously grouped into a flap box and seam the flaps with hot glue or tape.

-Wrapping Machines wrap a flexible packaging material, (e.g. paper, aluminum, plastic film), around a product or group of products.