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FBL Jar -Capper

Ref. 6034

Technical details

Width 1250 mm 
Height 2080 mm 
Length 3260 mm 
Brand FBL  
Model FL-200 
Manufacture year 2015 
Power (hp) 1,75 KW 
Vapour consumption 50 Kg/H at 4 bar
Made up of Stainless steel AISI 304
Production capacity 200 jars/minute


The automatic linear capping machine is suitable to steam vacuum close glass containers with T.O., D.P. and P.O. types of metal caps. 

The machine is designed to process both glass jars and bottles with a Hmin=40 mm and Hmax=280 mm in any shape. With appropriate adjustments and special equipment, T.O. caps ranging between 27 and 110 mm can be processed. 

The capping machine consists of a sturdy structure made of AISI 304, which is composed of tubes and folded sheet metal, suitable to support various types of equipment. The cap closing and pick-up units are made of AISI 304 and suitable materials to resist any corrosive liquid such as vinegar and brine. The vertical guide feeder, equipped with a hopper to load the caps, selects and guides the caps correctly towards the capping machine pick-up unit through the chute. 

The caps are pre-heated by a jet of steam in the chute in order to soften the mastic and facilitate the closing operation. The container is transported by the hinged chain of the conveyor belt and is laterally clamped by the two V-belts and dragged under the pick-up unit. 
The cap is stopped and placed on the guide of the pick-up unit and is released and picked up from the same container as it progresses inside the machine. During this phase, the steam coming from two side manifolds remains trapped between the cap and the headspace of the container. The container continues its progress and comes under the closing unit where the cap is screwed on the container and closure is completed.

 The steam trapped between the cap and the headspace of the container condenses while cooling, thereby generating a vacuum in the headspace.

 During format change, the height of the upper frame and the internal width of the two V-belts must be adjusted according to the dimensions of the container and the internal width of the passage guides from the feeder to the pick-up unit must be adjusted according to the dimensions of the cap. 

The electrical panel is made of AISI 304 and contains the equipment to command and control the machine.