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Artichoke Blancher

Ref. 5764

Technical details

Width 1500 mm 
Height 2400 mm 
Length 9000 mm 


The vegetable blancher is designed to through water immersion with a system that ensures a continuous advance of the product.


The blancher consists of two zones – blanching and cooling. The vegetables are supplied to the infeed hopper of the blanching zone. The two conveyor system transports the vegetables during the process and ensures its complete immersion in water at the same time. Blanching occurs as a result of the vegetables staying in hot water at the appropriately selected belt speed. After blanching, the vegetables are cooled in the cooling zone. Water in the machine is heated by steam supplied to the steam manifold in the blanching part. To maintain the optimum run of the blanching and cooling process, the blancher is equipped with the water mixing pumps.

The control system enables the optimum process parameters (water temperature, blanching and cooling time etc...) to be selected.

Work dimensions: 
Work width: 1 mts
Work height: 1,15 mts